5 Things to Expect When You Open A Children’s Outdoor Franchise

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Starting any new business can be daunting but owning a Little Muddy Boots franchise is not like any regular business. If you love working with children and being in the great outdoors, then this could be the perfect new career opportunity for you. Here, we outline a few things you can expect when you open your own children’s outdoor franchise with us.

1. You’ll have a fantastic support network

Little Muddy Boots offers support in all areas, be it getting set up, marketing, lesson plans, business plans and more. We offer regular training and have a proven profitable plan that is designed to help you achieve success. You’ll have a mentor and become part of an amazing network that is expanding rapidly across the UK.

2. You’ll have job satisfaction

Owning a Little Muddy Boots franchise is special. We do things a little differently from your average gardening franchise. We know the positive impact being in nature has on the mental wellbeing of not only children but adults too. When you run a Little Muddy Boots franchise, you’ll be helping to make a difference to many lives in your local community by providing a safe, fun and engaging space for children to learn about the natural world with their parent or carer. To learn more about the joy running a Little Muddy Boots franchise can bring, read this glowing endorsement from one of our Group Leaders.

3. It’s the definition of “flexible working”

Tired of the 9-5 grind? Running a children’s outdoor franchise is the perfect business if you want truly flexible hours. You can run classes around your schedule. Whether you have children of your own, grandchildren to help care for or other commitments, Little Muddy Boots is an excellent way of owning a business where the hours work FOR YOU.

4. You’ll become a business whizz

As mentioned, we provide regular training. But the upcoming term’s class schedule isn’t all you’ll learn about. You’ll learn how to run your own business, manage finances and even how to create engaging social media posts! You’ll also learn about your own community as you meet parents, run events and host pop-ups. By running your own outdoor franchise, you’ll continuously expand your knowledge about topics way beyond gardening.

5. You’ll have fun!

Most of all, you’ll enjoy yourself. You won’t waking up on a Monday worried about heading into the office because “the office” is your own personal Little Muddy Boots garden! Teaching curious children, interacting with like-minded adults and being in nature, all whilst running your own business is, if you ask us, a winning combination. While some days the weather will be cold (or even wet!), you won’t mind because it all adds to the fun of running a brilliant and successful children’s gardening franchise.

Want to know more about starting a Little Muddy Boots franchise? Leave us a comment below or drop us a message. You can also download our franchise brochure.

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