Owning a Little Muddy Boots Franchise a Year On

At Little Muddy Boots we love the work that we do. We love working outdoors in nature and showing the next generation of families just how wonderful it is. Whatever the weather there is always fun and learning to be found. So for us, it’s really important when you open a Little Muddy Boots Franchise you love what you do too.

We caught up with Gerda, the owner of a very successful franchise in Cheltenham to share with us how she’s getting on a year after opening.

Owning a Little Muddy Boots Franchise a Year On. Image of two blonde women in blue polo shirts smiling for the camera

Gerda – Little Muddy Boots Cheltenham Owner

Moving to a new country is a daunting task and doing it as a 56-year-old is stress on another level. This all happened a month before Covid and lockdown.

Flapping around for the next three years is an understatement of the century. Working in the dental industry at minimum wage from 8 to 6 five times a week was to say the least, soul destroying.

Little Muddy Boots came into my life just at the right time.  My daughter in law invited me to come along to one of the classes where my little grandson attended a weekly class. The way he transformed when he was outside and interacted with the team leader was astounding.  He is dyspraxic and he is at his happiest when outside, can dig and mess around in the garden.  Bug hunts are his favourite!

If that is happening to a child with dyspraxia, can you imagine what change it will bring to all children? A year later and I am so proud to say that I have brought change to many little people’s lives as well as mine.  I just LOVE my job! I work for myself, my own hours, no stress just lots of fun and pleasure! My business is growing, I made friends, my classes are full and so is my heart!

Happiness is… owning a LMB franchise!

Graphic says - happiness is owning a LMB  franchise and have a picture of Gerda holding a butterfly in her hands with children watching

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