Why Running an Outdoor Franchise With Us Is A Year Round Opportunity

Running the Little Muddy Boots garden isn't seasonal

This month, we’re discussing why running a children’s outdoor franchise with Little Muddy Boots isn’t just for the summer months; it’s a year round opportunity. The benefit of spending time in nature when it comes to our mental health, as well as the added boost to children’s physical development, doesn’t stop in the colder months.

If you’re reading this, perhaps you’re already aware of the joy working in nature can bring. Maybe you’re a keen green-fingered gardener. Or a teacher who loves working with children beyond the confines of a classroom. You may simply be looking for an outdoor franchise that can fit in around your life and commitments but are concerned about only working seasonally.

A schedule that works all year round

Running a children’s gardening franchise with Little Muddy Boots is a wonderful way to turn your passion for nature into a successful and profitable business. And the beauty of it is that it runs all year!

Little Muddy Boots classes follow your local authority’s term time calendar. Classes can be run at times to suit you and your personal commitments. Pop-up events and longer sessions can be held in school holidays, again at times to suit your holiday arrangements.

A year round opportunity for outdoor fun

Lesson plans for every season

Running an outdoor franchise means that unless the weather is particularly adverse, come rain or shine (or snow or ice!), we are outside. We provide a safe space for young children and their carers to bond, learn and make memories together whatever the weather. In fact, we actively encourage all weather play to build resilience, inspire new forms of play and maintain a year round community for parents.

Our yearly lesson plans ensure that children keep learning about the natural world even through the winter months. Our campfires are always a highlight at the end of any class, bringing the groups together to talk, listen to stories, share food and are very much appreciated come the colder seasons.

camp fires - A year round opportunity for outdoor learning

Monthly payment options

We also offer rolling monthly payment options for parents and carers. This reduces admin by removing the need to log on and pay each term. This also helps cash flow to remain stable throughout the year, even during the summer holidays.

Now you know, running an outdoor franchise with Little Muddy Boots isn’t seasonal – the excitement runs throughout the year and the learning never stops!

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Want to learn more? Get in touch today to find out why running your own gardening franchise with us could be the next step in your career.

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