Why You Should Open a Children’s Outdoor Franchise

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Little Muddy Boots is a bit different to your typical ‘out of a box children’s activities’ franchise. We’re a children’s outdoor franchise and our ethos is all about getting children and their families outdoors and in nature. It’s lots of fun, rather special but also means we work a bit differently.

The Perfect Job if you Love Children and the Outdoors

Owning a Little Muddy Boots Franchise really is the perfect job if you love the outdoors and working with children. Perhaps you are a teacher and the classroom environment is no longer working for you, or need a job that is more flexible and gives you a better work life balance.

Lots of Time out in Nature

The job means that you will spend a lot of your times outdoors. There will be admin work you will need to do at home on your laptop, but most of your work is going to outdoors in the garden come rain or shine.

We’re a firm believer there is no such things as bad weather, only bad clothing and we very rarely cancel a Little Muddy Boots class unless we think it’s unsafe due to high winds. So you will enjoy the glory of all the UK seasons and thrive outside in nature. Spending time planting, gardening and teaching.

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Flexible Working Hours

No more 9 to 5, at Little Muddy Boots we’re all about work life balance. You can balance your working hours around your commitments, whatever they may be. whether you want to be there for the school run, more time for dog walking or hobbies, or to support other family members in your life. We want work to be part of your life, but not the only part. To give you the freedom to live your life in a way that works for you.

A Way to Own Your Own Business with Support

Owning your own business can sometimes be tough, but with a franchise you get to do it with support, training and guidance. We’ve got business plans and lesson plans we know work. So it gives you the chance to own your own business, with less of the risk.

Watching Children Thrive

With children’s mental health and well being in the news a lot lately, as well as the fact we know that the younger generation are spending less and less time outdoors, we’re here to change this. We want to see more children outside, learning, growing and thriving outside and understand what goes on in the amazing world around them. You get to be part of this journey and sharing in the joy as they learn and explore.

If you’re interested in learning more about opening a Little Muddy Boots franchise, you can download our franchise brochure, or read our blog post on how long it takes to open a franchise.

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